Drunk Ramblings

Seongbin Hong, Lucia Affaticati & Matthew Wong present Drunk Ramblings

Our ambition is to reach out to everyone by creating heart-to-heart connections. Our show will use the highest frequency of the universe: love and good vibe(rt)s. To this end, topics will stretch from dank memes to Infinite Waters to Douglas Adams to Doctor Who to anime to communism to Chinese cartoons to He-Man to David Lynch galore to Reese’s Pieces to Shrek to Jon Sudano to cures for cancer to book, movie, Filthy Frank and LPs reviews to the lives of others to the Maginot Line to Ramsay Hall life, but mostly dank memes. Music enthusiasts since conception, we bring to you the finest selection of tunes for the winnowing listener. This is a comprehensive yet not exhaustive list of artists you will hear: Luke Vibert, Luke Vibert, God is a pig, God is an austronaut, Aphex Twin, Beatles, Frederik Chopin, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, Queen, MR CONWAY TWITTY, Lucia’s amazing whistling skills